Stronger Body and Mind

Traditional Martial and Healing Arts for All

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Get Healthy Using Traditional Martial and Healing Exercises

Better health

Alleviate stress effects on your body. Every class includes breathing exercises, strength and flexibility training.

Confidence and Strength

Noncompetitive environment promotes quick learning and friendly supportive atmosphere.

Balance and Harmony

Get better physical balance and improve your mindset.


Our Masters will guide you with proven, centuries-old techniques and years of experience. Whether you pick Tai Chi, Archery or Martial Arts or a combination of all we offer, you will see the changes in your physical and mental condition after just a few weeks.

Choose the Classes That Work for You

Martial Arts

We teach holistic. noncompetitive Martial Arts that benefits everybody, no matter the age or ability. You will learn striking, self-defense, grappling, pressure points, throwing, rolling, and falling techniques just to name a few. In addition, you will learn how to overcome your fears and the obstacles in your life.

Traditional Archery

You will submerge in a zen-like atmosphere of traditional Archery practice, and learn warrior exercises for strengthening the body and mind. You will shoot from various positions and hit targets from different distances. Meditation is a part of Archery class.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a wonderful way to improve balance and learn to control the body and dominate the mind. Through slow movements we increase muscle tone and improve balance and flexibility.

Sword and Weapons

Sword class is one of the best ways to strengthen your body and spirit, while having fun learning one of the oldest weapons humanity has known. We learn Sword fighting and improve our focus and self-discipline.

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Hear What Our Members Have to Say:

I am so grateful that I fell into Pa Kua. It is a wonderful combination of physical, mental, spiritual, and life training. I have become stronger than I ever expected I could be.

~ Francesca

We love this gem of a Martial Arts school! Our kids (4.5/5.5) have never once said they didn't want to go. Teachers are talented & thoughtful - everything a parent could ask for.

~ Riaz

This place is awesome! The class is for all levels which gives me the ability to learn from and observe those with more experience.

~ Sean