Tai Chi is a wonderful way to improve balance and learn to control the body and dominate the mind. Through slow movements we increase muscle tone and improve balance and flexibility. In each Tai Chi class we also practice Qigong, learning slow, flowing movements coordinated with deep breathing, as a moving meditation. Qigong awakens one’s true nature, and helps to develop one’s potential.


Is there challenge in your life that you’re afraid to confront? This holistic martial arts class will help you confront any obstacles, physical or otherwise, that may be holding you back. Experienced professionals will teach you how to defend yourself with techniques including grappling, strikes, sparring, submission, and throws, and will work with you to find the best techniques for your size, strength, and flexibility. During this class you’ll learn to better control your emotions, act instead of react, and protect yourself, your family, and your friends when needed. You will also gain strength and flexibility, calm your mind, and have better health overall. Ultimately, you will learn to face and overcome your fears, allowing you to follow the path that you want in life. Kids classes are fun, safe and nurturing, encouraging them to try new skills and grow confidence.


You will submerge in a zen-like atmosphere of traditional archery practice, and learn warrior exercises for strengthening the body and mind. You will shoot from various positions and hit targets from different distances. Meditation is a part of Archery class. Learn how Confucius and his followers used the art of archery to gain more power over the self. We will also practice some self-defense techniques, conditioning, and stretching.We will practice archery in our large indoor martial arts studio, transformed into an archery range, sometimes we use an outdoor range nearby, where the natural beauty and LA weather gives an opportunity to absorb the experience on a deeper level. All equipment provided.

Chinese Yoga / Qi Gong

Chinese Yoga uses postures and movements that are accessible and beneficial for any age and ability. Through practicing we become healthier, leaner, stronger and flexible and our minds find a way to be calm. We learn breathing and meditation techniques that improve our lung capacity and immune system. Practicing Chinese Yoga we acquire techniques to keep calm clear state of mind and body free of pain and tension.


Sword class is one of the best ways to strengthen your body and spirit, while having fun learning one of the oldest weapons the humanity has known. We learn sword fighting and improve our focus and self-discipline. We use many different edge weapons in this class, insuring students progress and safety.


Kickboxing in North Hollywood is the ultimate fun way to practice self defence with a driving beat of music. This cardio class will improve your cardiovascular health, strength and coordination, help lose weight and de-stress your mind. Class is open to all ages!


We learn therapeutic preventive massage and movements in this class. See how your health improves as you learn simple traditional Oriental foot and hand massage and breathing exercises.Practice techniques to improve immune system, internal organ function and joint health.


Open to all, there is no need for special training or conditioning. We work individually and with partners on strength exercises. Teamwork, encouragement and trust are some of the benefits of this fun class.

Come in and join us for a class! We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your fitness. Let us show you what sets us apart from everyone else!