About Us

We Are the Doorway to Your Health and Harmony

All classes are based on Traditional Pa Kua System of understanding how we and our world change and how best to adopt to that change and improve your life in a process. Our classes are a way to de-stress, and improve mental and physical health. Kids martial arts class encourages them to become strong, focused and confident. Our Studio have been open since 2001, it is conveniently located on a North Hollywood’s busy corner of Laurel Canyon and Magnolia, just a few blocks from 170 and 101 freeways, but you would never guess it from the quiet and tranquil atmosphere inside. Whether it is self-defense skills or meditation techniques or improving your balance and flexibility, in Pa Kua you find the worldwide community that shares a passion for self-discovery and self-improvement and knowledgeable teachers that will guide you to achieve your goals.